Dagobert's Dream

An underground comedy


Dagobert is a bitter city hermit that breaks into an apartment cellar to commit suicide in peace. Poisoned and delirious, he watches a movie about 9 strangers who take shelter in a basement during a solar storm, only to find that surviving each other is their biggest problem. Can their story save Dagobert's life?


9 actors around the globe, directed online via video conference, while shooting in front of mini blue screen studios set up in their homes. The footage is edited to make it look as if they were all together, filming in one location.

Sound like a wild idea?

It is, and we're proud of it! World Cast Movie is the first in history to truly decentralize the filmmaking process, and act as a creative bridge between cultures and continents that presents an opportunity for people from all over the world to come together and collaborate on a super fun movie project.

Music by Nadav Lazar.

Written and directed by Ryan James.

Dialogue recorded with the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+, proof that the power of studio sound can come in small packages.

Click here to see its specs.

The Cast

With over 800 auditions from actors in 53 countries on all 7 continents - yep, even one from Antarctica! - meet our talented cast.

Special thanks to:

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    Bronte Danae

    (Melbourne, Australia)


    A 2012 graduate from The Actors Workshop, Bronte's recent film credits include Radio Treason (AUS) and San Andreas (US, Warner Bros).
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    Jonny Brooke

    (Leeds, UK)

    Six Figure

    Jonny is an acting student in Leeds who balances his time between his studies, work, and family life.
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    Laura Locatelli

    (Milan, Italy)


    Based in Milan and Rome, Laura recently played the lead in Il saloon di Adele, on the TV series Le mani dentro la città; Ris Roma 3; Un posto al sole, and in independent films and theater.
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    Andrei Stefanescu

    (Craiova, Romania)


    A student at the University of Craiova, Andrei's currently playing Peter Trofimov in Checkov’s “The Cherry Orchard”, and Miss Malaprop in Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s “The Rivals.”
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    Paballo Dinku

    (Gauteng, South Africa)


    Paballo is an actress, dancer and musician who graduated from The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance.
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    Skip Pipo

    (Los Angeles, USA)


    Skip is a seasoned actor with dozens of credits on stage, and in TV, film and commercials. Lead film credits include Ward’s Blake, Roger and The Black Dawn.
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    Alexa Cappiello

    (Los Angeles, USA)


    With an MFA in Acting from Florida Atlantic University, Alexa is an actress and singer whose recent film credits include Rise Above, Flashback and a noir adaptation of Caesar.
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    Aaron Langford

    (Woking, UK)

    Julien Schwinke

    Aaron has been acting for over a decade and is currently training at Peer Productions. He's had many roles on stage, TV and film, including Group Hug (2012).
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    Peter Hosking

    (Prague, Czech Republic)


    With 70+ film and TV credits including Last Knights and Borgia, Peter is cast to play a lead role in Dracula 2015, filming this year.

Actor Locations

Shot in a mini studio in each actor's home and edited in Berlin, Germany, where some traditional filming will also take place.



We're currently recording the dialogue with the actors in order to build the "rough draft" soundscape (dialogue, music and sound effects).

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